Free alternative to Google analytics?


I’m after something very simple (and preferably free) that will allow me to:

  1. See a line graph showing the number of visits, and unique visits
  2. Show the exact page people are coming to the site from
  3. Show all search terms used on Google etc to get to the page

Google Analytics seems to do the first bit just fine, but not the second two - are there any decent alternatives out there? I’ve tried mint before which was great, but I’d rather avoid paying if possible as I have around 6 sites, all non profit

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a bit surprised by what you say. Google does the other two and has been doing it for a long time.

The referrer (where the user was before arriving to your page) is included in their reports. Same with the terms of search

Thanks molona, but I cannot find a way to access that information, I’ve found this but it doesn’t work with the new version of analytics

The more I use Google Analytics, the more it just seems like a complete mess.

Fortunately, I’m not in a position where I need to show clients the information, but in the case of say my girlfriend’s lingerie website, she has absolutely no chance in hell of being able to use this, and I don’t get why she’d want to having been used to things like Etsy and Wordpress which have fantatic stat systems built in.

Quite disappointed by Google Analytics, it seems to have massively regressed in terms of accessibility and usability in the past few years since I used it

Why not use something that works off the server logs - eg. Awstats - then you’ll get all the visitors included in the stats and not just those with JavaScript enabled as well as anyone who has blocked analytics so as to sped up the downloading of web pages by not downloading the analytics script for any web page.

Many thanks, I think I’ll give that a try - just looking at the Awstats page now and whilst it looks very basic/dated, I think the way it presents information is WAY more useful than Google.

I showed my girlfriend the Google Analytics information for her website and she didn’t know where to begin, like I said when compared to the Etsy/Wordpress stats pages Google Analytics is quite horrible to use IMO

Damn, I’m on shared hosting so can’t install AWStats… I have Webalizer at the moment instead which is quite terrible in comparison :frowning:

I’ve been using TraceWatch for years and it’s been just awesome. I too tried to start with Google Analytics but TraceWatch simply beats it in how it lays out the information.

Can’t compare. I’ve been using Google Analytics and I never had a problem with it or with getting the information I wanted. That doesn’t mean that there may not be different options in the market that may be more suitable, better or simply more adecuate for a particular website.

Regarding referrers, it is under Audience > Traffic Sources

You may need to click “Audience” if you don’t see “Traffic Sources” right under it

There are a few ‘apps’ out there that present google analytics in a reduced way. If you have an iOS device, there are a couple free and many for pay. Maybe that helps.

I use It’s free and public for every one. There are a lot of other sites like this one.

Sorry but can I ask that Why You want to use alternative rather then Google Analytics?

If you want to track visitors who don’t have JavaScript then a JavaScript solution such as analytics which ignores those visitors is useless. It also ignores anyone where the analytics script is specifically blocked in order to speed up the loading of web pages. Server side solutions include both of those groups of visitors.

Use, I use them. They might fulfill your requirements

Hi , I am also have this type of problem when i use analytics but it was cleared once you analyse the webmaster tools…But you no need to go for any other alternatives .Because Google analytics is the best one.If you want to choose some other then you can use Awstats .

I’d rather avoid paying if possible as I have around 6 sites, all non profit

Free and beats Google analytics.

Personally I don’t like Google analytics.


one needs to install and host piwik which will consume additional resources.

You can also try free version. Simple and easy. Free version has limitation of log.

What additional resources other than the bandwidth and CPU memory provided by your host?

Your web pages load slow if you try to pull code from other sites (ex. Google analytics) rather than from your own site.