New Gardening site, could really use some feedback

Hey guys, thanks for such an awesome community!

I have been working on a personal project for the past few months. I needed to start rebuilding my portfolio and have always wanted to help people learn how to grow their own food.

Right now the site is setup to link gardening info together in ways most other sites do not, focusing on making it easier for beginners to find what they need and skip the stuff they don’t, yet. The overall goal is to spin this system off into any topic, not just gardening.

I made a good push on the site and linked together a bunch of wordpress apps and linked the interface together a bit. Users can login and upload photos and create blogs and forums(maybe) and search through plant, bug and disease information. I ran out of time and left it sit for a while now, if possible, I’d love to hear some feedback from anyone interested in gardening or just picking through an incomplete site that doesn’t have much direction.

In hopes of finding a job soon, I also started building a portfolio at which leads you to my main project. Any feedback is much appreciated, I’ve been doing this on and off since the late 90’s so please don’t worry about saying something that will hurt my feelings, the painful stuff is actually the best.

Thanks in advance, hope I’m not being spammy or posting in the wrong spot.

Ok so…while it really didn’t stick out, I belive this is the site you want feedback on:

It is nice. I see some typography & alignment issues. See also attached image.

  1. No emphasis to distinguish one header from the othe. they don’t stand out.
  2. Not sure if it is intentional or not, but the icon look misaligned.
  3. I can see why you’d blur the image. But it contradicts the assumption that the user would be looking at something beautiful. Perhaps you could blur on hover, or find another way to make the text stand out? After all it is the only image there so far, so you’d think it would have more importance
    Otherwise i’d say it is looking good.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to checkout my site. I was attempting to create a series headers that looked like they were blurred video but actually just an image with some animation. This created lots of issues with the layout, plus I don’t have any time to mess with it.

Thanks again for taking the time, I will keep your feedback in mind when I get around to fixing this piece.

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