New forum Spam problem and users not communicating

I recently installed vbulletin forum in my website.

  1. The problem is that members are not talking. Forum is with no threads or posts even with 2000 members.How do i make ppl use the forum more effectively.

  2. I am receiving 20 - 30 spam threads everyday. Most of the time i spend in removing those spam. how do i stop spam.any plugin or any changes i need to make to stop or reduce spam and spammers.

Kindly help me as i am a complete newbie.

First of all you need some forum administrator which will read all the threads and make sure of no spamming thing. Then secondly you can ban the accounts which are generating spamming. Third you can block the out bound links and allow those users which do 20 to 30 good post.

How to block outbound links in vbulletin.

Forum administration is your only solution to get rid of spams. If your forum moves ahead without moderation, you will no doubt be flooded with loads of spam.

The problem is that members are not talking.

Nobody likes an empty forum & members need a thread which is ‘HOT’ to participate into
If you are just starting up with forum then you might need to hire a team of some professional forum posters
to give your forum some activity so that rest of the members have the chance to participate in active threads.

how do i stop spam.

the best way to stop SPAM is to stop spammers from registering into your forum and you can do this by asking a random question
at the time of registration, which i have observed that most of the bots fail to answer so, less spam registrations and less spam

You can check out what other forums are doing to stop spams. There are forums which put up security questions, need to fill specific sections which helps to catch spam bots. Moreover, you can include a policy of posting an undisclosed number of posts, before anyone can include signature links. If you mention the number of posts for signatures…spammers will quickly post that many posts to include the signature links.

Must have some type of moderation. I have not seen an effective plugin that does the job well. Also, if you want actual members to talk and discuss you need to promote the heck out of it.

Do not block outbound links…
If people are contributing something in your forum atleast give them something in return (how about a backlinks in signatures?)
You forum is new and giving backlink credit is one way to attract new members.

Create a separate category of off track discussion and move all the spammy threads there.

Recruit some moderators, may be some members from your forum and tell them to start new threads, participate in threads.

I agree with you dude that forum with out moderation and administration can never be a successful forum and this is what a man need to do when going for a successful implementation of a forum.

restrict your forum rules and ban users who has violated the rules. You can first start up the topics and fire up the topics yourselves.

If you have friends who are expert in certain topics, you can invite them to become your Forum Admin / Leaders whatever name you give. With their profession, ask them to contribute some topics and write-up in the forum.

Forum can be promoted using word-of-mouth when you have interesting topics to discuss. All the best :slight_smile:

Moderation is key to a successful forum.

Also nice to have requirements for like signatures or use nofollow links in the forum to prevent spammers.

People usually don’t start threads, I think if you want them to start talking start a post which your users can react on. And try to control flooding it makes the forum looks unreliable.