Forum registeration

I have just started a forum. I seem to be getting loads of new members. But the vast majority of these simply make no posts.

Could I be getting loads of automated replies. I have no email verification system.

I am not getting any spam or anything. In fact no replies other than from friends who have looked at the site. But I am getting a steady supply of new members

Do the registered names and addresses look legitimate? (I’m guessing no)

It’s entirely possible that the person who is trying to spambot you has made an error in their code (or you’ve changed something from the normal) that’s preventing the bots from posting…

This is why I always custom-code a part of my forums’ registration process - prevents generic spambots, which is 90+% of spam you’ll get.

WEll I would say its about 50 - 50. Some have odd names but the website gets people from all kinds of countries.

I will have to add a new field into the registration process to stop the spam bots. If I added some hidden field I am guessing that would mess things up for them.

But the whole forum is hand coded and would probably be very difficult to spambot

I have the IP addresses and they seem generally very different.

WHat exactly is a spambot. Do they specifically target a forum or do they just send out registrations and posts very randomly?

Here is an explanation of what a spambot is. What forum software are you using?

[B][COLOR=#363][B][/B][/COLOR]Hi SpacePhoenix

I have made the software myself. Its a very basic forum in many ways. Its about dream analysis. The special feature is that I search through each dream posted and then post information and links to various common dream symbols which feature in that dream.

I don’t think I have got major problems here. I am not getting any spam at all posted. Its just these fake members. Every now and again I can run a program which deletes members who have posted no messages.


Add an email verification system, it should help weed out some of the spam bots. Check for any similarities between the ones that don’t make any posts, some may be sleeper bots.