Current Webmaster Forum Spam And Trolling Issue

Hi everyone, i’ve been away from webmaster forums for awhile but recently gotten back into reading and posting some.

I’ve joined a few that i was not a part of before and notice that the spamming and trolling trend is currently very similar among all of the major webmaster forums.

Sitepoint is so far the least dominated i’ve noticed, v7n is okay, i think mainly because there are alot of active admins and such posting here.

anyways digitial point and some others are pretty bad. I read a worthless thread on one of the forums about the best webmaster forums and checked them all out. Upon joining webcosmosforums i noticed that 99% of the new posts and threads were worthless.

To my dismay, i witnessed profiles that have been active less than a month and have 800+ posts.

These threads and posts are characterized by improper english and starting threads with questions such as:

please someone tell me for to what web design is? PLEASE (lol)


what is the importance for on-page seo? and how do i go about it? PLEASE (rotfl)

…at the same time the posters have sig links pointing to pseudo seo sites and such.

my question, at least for sitepoint is, how are the admins not recognizing and removing these members? They are so obvious never going to contribute a single valuable thing to the forum. It is also very easy to see that many of these threads stay fresh because of multiple accounts posting worthless bump replies optimized for keywords in between.

i can think of reasons why this may be allowed on some of the others, but i wont get off topic in this thread

We do try to get rid of as many of the spammers and fluff posters as we can however we are only human, we don’t read all the threads and we don’t get paid to work here so many of us have limited time we can spend here. There is a report thread button which you can hit if you see any direct offending links. As for the fluff posters some people don’t speak English very well and we have to give them the benefit of the doubt (we don’t want to ban a legitimate poster who has a limited vocabulary). I think SitePoint has generally less spam than most other forums on the web, but it’s an ongoing issue we are aware of. :slight_smile:

Listen to Alex’s words of wisdom :wink:

Glad that you find that SP has less spam than other forum but we’re still trying to improve :smiley:

the solution is obvious – more moderators, and more ruthless moderation

fluff is fluff, even if the poster doesn’t have a great grasp of english, and it should be dealt with every time it is reported

it’s funny how they all manage to have sig links, though, isn’t it

Working on it


I wasn’t trying to make fun of lack of english skills, i’ts possible that this could very well almost be a keyword spinning type technique.

I was basically characterizing most of the spam fluff posts and threads, that have all of the same type of posts in them. These accounts and post types are almost identical across all of the webmaster forums i’ve joined.

even many of the ones that have build up a lot of posts on one forum…contain pretty much 100% trolling threads and posts. i would think it would be very easy to look at the account histories and remove the overly obvious ones so that if they are going to be on here solely for site promotion, seo sig links, they could at least be more creative and put more effort into their posts.

It’s definitely a big problem that we’re well aware of, yeah.

We definitely appreciate it when our members report dodgy posts using the report button.