New Book Release: Host Your Web Site in the Cloud

I’m excited to announce the very first insider’s guide to cloud computing, [B]Host Your Web Site in the Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy[/B] authored by Amazon’s Chief Web Evangelist, Jeff Barr.

So, what’s it all about?

If you’ve ever Googled cloud computing and found the amount of information overwhelming, or been unsure how to get started with Amazon Web Services, then you’ll love this title. We created this book for you; everything you need to know is in one place, step by step, so that anyone can follow along.

Cloud hosting is ideal for developers and designers needing room and flexibility to be innovative without worrying about server capacity. Save time hacking through the documentation and follow this complete guide to success.

If you’re not familiar with cloud computing, you run the risk of falling behind!

Some benefits of cloud hosting include:

  • Capacity that grows with you
  • Ease of implementation
  • Immediate and reliable support
  • Amazing power and flexibility
  • Pay as you go plans: a cost-effective solution

This one-of-a-kind book shows you exactly how to pull it all together into a powerful hosting solution.

We understand that most people are unable to afford to hire an experienced system administrator to sort all this out for them.
For only US$39.95, you can do it yourself and secure the stability of your projects forevermore.

So, for the cost of a pizza and beer, learn how to harness the power of the cloud and start saving time, money, and resources today.

Want to know more?

When you order the printed copy of “Host Your Web Site in the Cloud,” you can add the digital ePack (MOBI, EPUB, PDF) to your order for only US$9.95 extra. That’s about US$70 worth of books for just US$49.95!

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of “Host Your Web Site in the Cloud” before stock runs out!

There is a link to the sales page in Jen’s original post. :slight_smile:

I am very excited in this new book and I want to a have a copy of this. May I know the cost of this book.

Congratulation! for your New Book Release. This book looks very helpful for web users, so cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Host Your Web Site in the Cloud.

It has been released, hence the article. :slight_smile:

Just went to a seminar that was partially about cloud computing and I got to say it was really interesting.

It is great to listen about this kind of book which would help web designers and developers.
Thanks to share with us.

This information has been so great that you gave, and I think this book is a step by step web site hosting, and this book covers all aspects of the clouds on the best practices of accommodation. Cloud hosting benefits that users from different angles. Is scalability and cost / benefit is commonly known.


hmmm, thats interesting. When would it be released? It sounds great for SEO purposes.

Sounds amazing. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I dipped in to this (online) a while back, but dipped straight out, as it was too confusing… so a book that lays it out like this is a great idea.

Yes this book seems to be very useful.How can I take benefit from this book.Is it all about Internet and SEO techniques. And how much does it cost.I am really fond of good books.