Puzzled by Alibaba hosting

I don’t know much about cloud hosting and I was interested in learning if it might be worth my while switching, but I find the information on the site confusing.

There is a link to web hosting “starting at $0.99 per month”, but the page it goes to only offers hosting from $5.90 per month. That’s a big difference.

I’m guessing from that that cloud hosting isn’t suited to very small sites, but more information would be nice.


I just clicked the offer to see if there are any options that would lower the price, but it stays $5.90 regardless of what you do.

That’s quite confusing to say the least.

And indeed, with a small website cloud hosting doesn’t really make sense. Depending on whether you change the content a lot you could either go for a CMS if you change content somewhat regularly, or a static site if the content hardly ever changes. For static sites there are a number of options out that range from free to a few cents a month.


That was what I thought. Thank you for clarifying it.

The site has a “Web Hosting For Small Websites” tab, which is what really made me wonder, but the information there isn’t very clear. There’s an option to download an ebook, but it just seems to cover how to get started with your first website and a couple of case studies. I didn’t actually download it, as it didn’t seem relevant to what I wanted, and I didn’t want to provide all the required information.

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