Cloud Based Web Hosting (Amazon, etc) - Minimum Site Size?

Hi all,

I’ve just downloaded the sample of Host Your Website In The Cloud to see what all this cloud hosting business is about…

The first question that jumps into my head is this - at what point does it become viable to host your site in “the cloud”, with regards to the size of your site and its traffic?

Is it something that is only worth looking at if you have a large volume of traffic (large eCommerce sites, etc)?

Do cloud hosting providers have a minimum charge per month? I see the Amazon pricing rates and wonder where the value for them would lie if small sites were to use the services and pay just a couple of dollars each month.

Apologies if these are silly questions - the book just got me wondering :slight_smile:


I’m surprised Matt didn’t mention it but many cloud hosts go on a need’s basis so rather than pay a monthly fee (like you would with traditional hosting) you only pay for what you actually need (and use). Therefore if your site has a really low amount of traffic you might find that your costs are significantly lower and if you get a sudden spike in traffic you can buy up the extra resources to cope with the necessary demands. It’s certainly an option for low yield users… :slight_smile:

I am having a hard time buying into the cloud to be honest, tjk. If you are running a site that is getting traffic, you probably a pretty good service, hopefully. If that is the case cloud won’t be too much benefit. But if your site is up and coming, but can’t justify a dedicated server yet, you may want to jump in the cloud…

No, you don’t need a huge site… If you’re paying $30/month for hosting then it’s probably not worth the effort, but if you’re leasing a dedicated server for $300/month then definitely look into Cloud Hosting.

I suppose that you need to have some consultation with your current web hosting provider. Learn what they can offer you. But that is quite expensive and I suppose that is not what you currently need.

If your site has a small amount of traffic why don’t you go VPS?