Host your web site in the cloud code archive

Hi, I received my copy of your new book Host your web site in the cloud today.

It’s looking generally good so far, but I have to say my enthusiasm took a bit of a hit when I was downloading the Cloudfusion PHP library used throughout the book.

It seems that the Cloudfusion library now has been forked by the AWS team to become the official PHP library for AWS. This apparently happened in March 2010. That’s all well and good, and almost certainly for the better, but for a book that was released very recently, I would expect this to have been noticed by your author and/or editors during the months that have since past.

The result of all of this is that I have to correct require_once statements in all the downloadable code examples for the book, since they all look for a wrongly named class. I know, it’s hardly the end of the world, but it still leaves a poor first impression of a new book.

And while I’m on the subject of the code archives: Many of the code examples use an include file where the name of the test bucket is defined as a constant. Since the bucket name pool is global, every reader of the book has to make up a unique name for a bucket. I’m all for the definition of stuff like this in include files, but why isn’t the same include file used for this for all chapters? The way the code archive is structured, I had to edit a separate include file for each chapter where this constant was in use. Somewhat annoying when you’re impatient to get to the meat of the book, rather than spending time setting stuff up.

Facing the exact same issue. The book code archive needs to be updated urgently or is there an expectation that we try to use Cloudfusion 2.5?

…the very first code example the reader is asked to run (chapter_04/create_bucket.php) fails. This line:

$res = $s3->create_bucket($bucket);

…isn’t providing the second argument needed for the create_bucket method (the region where the bucket should be created).

I realize this book is for somewhat experienced programmers, but that really is beside the point. I bought it to learn about AWS, not to debug the code archive.