Needing to pull fonts and other elements of obfuscated code

Hi there everyone!

A friend uses Wix to host a website and they have come to need the header and footer to be plugged into a hosted service. To clarify, they’re using a service to search real estate properties and that service allows you to plug in your own header and footer so that the service looks like your website.

The issue they ran into is that Wix code is not friendly towards things like this. In fact, it could be said that it’s purposefully designed to keep something like this from happening.

They contacted Wix and the support crew did attempt to help them do this but in the end, it was decided that it would need to be rebuilt from scratch rather than pulled from the Wix editor.

The issue that I’m running into is determining the fonts of the elements they would like duplicated. To explain, I would need to find out the font of " Your Mountain Dreams" at the top of this page.

I’ve used the inspector in the browser but it seems incapable of processing the 3,500 + lines of crap that Wix used to create the page.

Can someone tell me how I might figure out the fonts of this page without going to Whatdafont and just hoping someone can tell me?

Thanks for your time!

Inspect tells me:-

 element {
	font-family: dancingscript-regular,dancing script,cursive;

Was easy enough.


It’s actually on line 5078 of the html in an in-line style. Yes, 5 thousand lines to get as far as the header text!
And they are not short lines either.

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Thanks so much for your help, Sam. Do you perhaps know what I’m doing wrong when using the inspector? I’m not very savvy with it but usually, when I highlight something or click in something, I get the relevant code in the inspector but on this page, All I ever get is the content shown in this screenshot. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the important stuff to show in the inspector when I highlight text, for instance.

Did you click directly on the element that you were interested in, or did you click on the header?

I’m not sure where you went wrong with inspect, I just right-clicked on the header text, clicked Inspect Element and it took me straight to that span (in Firefox).

Sometimes, depending on stacking and structure, you can end up on the wrong element, or have to expand a plethora of “Russian Doll” divs to find what you are looking for, but I did not have that in this case.

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I clicked everywhere around it, on the text, right-clicked and highlighted the text. Nothing I did changed the elements on the right.

I tried right-clicking on " Your Mountain Dreams" in Firefox, Chrome and MS Edge, and all three times, it took me straight to the correct element where the font was declared. Which browser were you using?

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