Trouble with icon font

I have used an icon font from Keyamoon on a few sites now. But I noticed on my one site with SSL, the icons show up fine in the table but once I cross over to the https:// side, if I back track the icons dissappear. The font dev said it’s because the css is not being loaded. How is that possible when its in the main stylesheet? Anything I can do to prevent this?
See here…
Messed up-

The latest release version of FF renders both pages identically, but IE8 renders the https page without css styling.

Guessing that it might be a “security feature” in IE, but that’s just a guess.

Anyone else?

I am using FF latest and it still does it. If you go to the hosting packages page and click to order, the cart, then return to the package page, then the css for the font isnt picked up.

Try removing the base element on the https page:

<base href="">

I’m not sure that has much value these days anyway, but having the http version as the base on an https page surely is wrong.

I removed it and that did work. This was a template for the WHMCS billing software. In the header was this code…

{if $systemurl}<base href="{$systemurl}" />{/if}

I know that in WHMCS it asks for the system url and WHMCS SSL System URL. This base tag doesn’t tie the website to the software does it? What is the purpose of it?

I’m pretty sure it won’t be. It’s a standard HTML element, but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of point to me. I never use it, anyway. :slight_smile:


Jeesh, I could have sworn that the base element URL on the SSL page read http:// rather than [noparse]https://,[/noparse] but that’s not how I copied it above, so I must have been blind! How odd. Anyhow, I’m glad removing it worked … though perhaps not for the reasons I assumed. :rolleyes:

Cool, thanks Ralph. I have seen people use /whatever in their links before, and I don’t recall seeing that base element. Your right, seems pretty useless!