Undiscoverable font name, please help


I’ve been following the Sitepoint’s own guide for font recognition without any luck, that’s why I ask here if anyone can help me out and tell me this fonts name.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot for your effort! Tried that already as the “g” seems the most outstanding letter in this font. Checked against my installed fonts and several categories on wtf, yet no luck. Guess I have to keep on diggin’ :coffee: :o

I’m tempted to say that it is a free downloadable because you can see that the space between the vertical strokes in the ‘a’ and the ‘n’ and also the ‘a’ and ‘i’ vary in width. I’d expect that a professionally developed font would keep these lines parallel to each other.

It also looks like there isn’t any kerning pairs for the font (space between letters). Some gaps are wider than others which another possible giveaway. Am happy to be proved wrong though hehe.

this is the only version I got sadly :frowning:

Is that the only bit of text you have to go on? If you separate out the letters more What The Font will be better able to try and identify it, use a version without the drop shadow too if you have one. It works best when the letters have white space between them and are clearly outlined.

I cleaned up the image and spaced it and ran through WTF again. Recognised the letters for the most part but no good matches or anything remotely close. That reverse descender on the ‘g’ is pretty distinctive, if you wanted a quick way to sort through font sites I’d use that as a character to enter as your own string.