Promotional Ideas?

Hello -

I am in need of some more clients!

How can I advertise around locally? Should I make coupons? Offer free stuff? I am just in need of more clients I have just started it a while back but I need to step it up a lot!

If you want to promote your site online, you have two options, to promote it through link exchange ,internet directories, and classified ads. If you want the internet paid promotion, you can try the ad spot or something that you want to create ads and pay per click method. And if you want to advertise your website to internet promotion you can try through using your business card, letterhead, brochures and price lists.

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We have a Promotion Techniques forum here which is a great place to start. There’s a stickied post at the top with 11 pages of tips.

Your site appears very much incomplete. It still has the default WordPress slogan, filler text (“Column 2”, “Column 3”), and pages lacking content. You can’t promote until you finish the site. Announcing you’ve lowered your prices even closer to minimum wage probably doesn’t attract clients, but instead scares them away.

My advice would be to first decide exactly what business you’re getting into and what your value proposition will be, then finishing the website, then asking for a design review by posting in the Website Reviews section (be sure to read the rules first).

Concentrate on link building. Then you can get natural organic traffic from the search engines.

I guess you can also advertise on craigslist

To advertise locally you can run an ad in your local print media.

Become an active member of local clubs and groups such as fraternal organizations or your area chamber of commerce.

Look for bulletin boards in shops and malls, but instead of just hanging your business card there, print a flyer for use on the bulletin boards.

For shops with bulletin boards or other posting areas, ask the shopkeeper (not the check out clerk) for permission to hang your flyer and hand your business card directly to them.

Print a newsletter with a topic that is relevant to your business and of interest to your market and hand deliver it to businesses.

Cold call. There’s nothing wrong with cold calling except for how it is usually done. Of course, you will need a copy of the “do not call” list for your area if you live in the US and you should abide by this. Then when you do call a business, do it this way:

[INDENT]1. Identify yourself using your full name. Speak slowly and pause shortly afterwards to give your prospect time to ‘hear’ your name.
2. Identify your business name in the same way.
3. Ask your prospect if this is a good time to call. If they say no, ask when would be a better time.
4. Call only those businesses that don’t currently have a web site- or at least those which you are unable to find on the Internet.
5. Be sure you are speaking to the business owner or in case of a larger business, the person in charge of marketing and promotion. If necessary, re-introduce yourself in the same way you did when the phone was first answered.
6.Tell the business owner precisely why you are calling. “In searching the web, I couldn’t find your business represented on the Internet.”
7. If you get this far without a hang-up, tell your prospect your sales message and then ask for the appointment to meet with him/her.
8. Immediately follow up with a letter thanking them for their time even if they weren’t interested. Insert your business card and your flyer or brochure. If you have made an appointment, confirm the appointment in your letter.[/INDENT]

I think you should hold some promotion activites to attract more clients.Like coupons,advertisements,for sale and so on.