Simple eCommerce site

Not sure where this fits in but I have a web site that is running and I want businesses to be able to create ads and point them to a record where the ad will show every time someone views one of their records. I can handle all that,i.e. collecting the ad text, pointing it at the right “records”, scheduling, etc. but before I allow them to create the ad text, I want them to pay me at a defined rate. So they will look at a list, pick the plan they want and then say “add to my cart” or “buy now”. It is possible they could buy more than one “ad product” at a time.

So I guess I’m looking for something that once they say this is what I want, I can point the information I need to define the product (or just an id number related to it) at the cart and the cart will handle the payment and tell me that the ID is approved. There is no shipping or delivery of a product of any kind.

In a perfect world, I would love for someone to point me in the direction of a reliable merchant to accept credit cards (US Only at this point) and an easily integrated and relatively simple cart. Is that asking to much or am I oversimplifying this?

Also, I am very proficient at PHP, MySQL, javascript and CSS.



In your scenario, you would collecting the ad text, pointing it at the right “records”, scheduling, then when you know which product of yours that your customer now needs to purchase, you write out the relevant Add to my Cart/Buy Now button for that particular product code, then hey presto when they click on it, they are paying you the correct amount for the package they’ve chosen based on the product code and button you wrote back to the web page.

You could quickly have this up an running using a hosted shopping cart where you place the Add to my Cart/Buy Now buttons in your web page. You write out the matching product code for the package your customer is buying and the button they get to click on is bound to the package price you’ve already set up. I’ve used ShopIntegrator before and like this hosted cart because it gives a good looking result without a much effort:

Also, they allow you to set up a forward on the instant payment response from the payment processor on to your own web host after a completed purchase, so if you did want to do any custom processing on your side to process the order and activate the ad automatically, you could.

As for taking payments, PayPal is a great way to take credit card payments as well as Pay Pal payments. Your shoppers can pay you with credit cards without having to have a Pay Pal acount themselves. It is a very well know brand used by shoppers so they are familiar with using it when it comes to pay. You have no monthly/set up fees with the Pay Pal website payments standard business account and I their charges are 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD (per transaction):