Need SEO tips

Hello everyone.

I am new at SEO. Just want to know what other FREE SEO methods I could try. I’ve already done Social Bookmarking, Forum Posting, and Blogging. And I have already updated my meta tags and keywords.

And for the sake of SEO, here’s the site: click here.

Don’t forget directory submissions and article marketing but I hope you already know what keywords you are targeting before doing all these.

Create quality links through: article submission, blog commenting, forum posting, classified ads, social bookmarking, press release, Make sure to create quality with high authority links.

Create content worth linking to and then aggressively promote it to get good quality high authority links.

That’s the current methodology in SEO, the days of having good content and then waiting for links to appear are over. This is a good article on link baiting : Linkbaiting or Link Baiting Strategies?.

yes, I am with your knowledge. To good SEO work all the above maintained play vital role. Rest thing is that do all thing in consistent way or regularly.:slight_smile:

Here’s a quick list:

  1. Provide relevent, useful and easy to understand information for your visitors
  2. Measure your success rate, whether that’s the number of enquiries or sales

…the rest is marketing :slight_smile:


The another SEO method is to provide quality link means the user can understand your site aim through Article Submission, Press Release ,Classifieds, Social Networking etc.

You can also participate in QA sites and social media sites for good traffic. Start twitting and hub pages submissions.

Well i think only submission is not important you must also focus on ON page optimization part of SEO, Like content is very good and consider as king in SEO now a days Google counts Content a lot

Like mentioned above - blogs, blog comments, articles, press releases and social bookmark sites. Make sure to use your targeted keywords in the anchor text.

Hi ideyatech,
Do a quick search - I think you’ll find that this subject has been pretty well discussed around this place already. :slight_smile: