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I’m designing a concept for the new graphic of a software called “Traffic Supervisor”. It is a web application used to see in real time the traffic situation in a city roads network. The main application will show a main map where information about traffic (queues, accidents, …) will appear. An operator is the main user of this application and he or she is allowed to monitor the traffic state and edit some elements (e.g. manually insert accidents or other events).

The entire application should have quite a technical “feel”. It is used in several sites all over the world and it should give a sense of professionality, order and movement.

I’m a front-end web developer and UX designer, I am becoming a passionate student of graphic design in the last year, but this is the first professional design I do.

May I have a review of the following alternatives for the first page of the site (login screen)? I defined different grid systems starting from a specific concept (e.g. I used map roads networks for extracting abstract shapes such as lines and circles, or I used the company logo as a main module for the grid), and working using such base materials to build the entire design.

I’d appreciate any feedback on how effective each example is both from an easthetic and a communicative point of view.

Thank you so much!!

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Welcome to the forums @Daniele_Sistema_.

It is very difficult to give any feedback on what is just an image of different log-in screens, with no context or background. Please read the guidelines for requesting a review and edit your post to provide more information in accordance with those.

When you’ve done that, I’ll relist the topic for you.

Thank you so much for your suggestion…I’ve just updated the post!

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