Security problem with wordpress (possibly)


I purchased my first domain and web hosting last night.I purchased the domain from namecheap and the hosting from hostGator,i then dowwnloaded wordpress from the hostGator control panel.

After receiving the email with my links for the website when i click on the links my anti virus alerts me with a warning of an infected page and i cant access it.This happens on all the links i have,the public url and the admin url.

Please help me, this is as i said my first ever go at this and to say its annoying would be an understatement.

I would highly doubt your hosting account got hacked within hours of it being set up. What type of antivirus warning are you getting exactly? My antivirus will give me the name of a potential exploit it recognizes. How about yours?

Are you using the default theme, or a downloaded one?

Sorry to have left it this long to reply.I have cleaned my computer and deleted all cookies etc and everything is ok now.Very strange,but thaks for the replies.

Often times antivirus consider cookies as threats, if you want to retain cookies then depending on your antivirus suite you can exempt folders, so exempt the folder where you store your cookies.