Cry for help

Hi everyone and thanks for reading. I am in desperate need for someone to save my friends website. She got attacked by hackers do to bad security and needs help fixing it.

Here’s the problem. I helped put togather this website for her becuase she was paying an expensive price for prevouise designer. My goal was to work on websites as a business. Since getting the site up and running my gf had a baby. Now the reason I need your help is becuase I don’t have time and I feel so bad that this is happening. I would fix it myself but I don’t have time. My baby was born with gastroschisis and has been fighting for his life since he was born. He’s 7 months old now and still had not left the hospital. He’s had about 6 surgeries and has been near death a few times. It’s important that I be there whenever I can so if I’m not at work I’m with my son.

If anyone can help me that would be great. I don’t know about payment as I am stretched pretty thing but mighy be able to work something out. I will definitely include pics of my amazing son. Not becuase I need to prove anything but just becuase he’s cute :slight_smile:

Sorry heard of your problems…

Please check this link:

You should contact your server administrator ,they can handle this problem…

The best advice I can give is to follow the steps outlined in Cleaning your site

It might take a while as this is your second (pro bono?) job.

If you’re now too busy for the second job, IMHO it’s best to be honest so your client can find someone else. True, they probably won’t find anyone willing to work at your rates, but honesty is always the best policy.

I wouldn’t entrust anyone you only know online, and don’t really know, to do the work - not even a SitePoint forum member. It requires having access to things only you and your client now have access to, so really its up to you to either do it or pass the job to someone else.

Did you check out the Google “Cleaning Your Site” link?

If there’s a step you don’t understand or are having trouble with I’ll be glad to help you through it.

Forgot to add the website is oscommerce and I believe the used the filemanager to upload the files. Also google is blocking the site and that’s BAD for business. If you need to reach me davedarnold gmail.

thanks for the advice. I know its a risk but i was hoping. what can get worse the site was already hacked and i would probably just give some ftp access or something. the person i made the site for is a family friend so she knows my situation well. if anyone that knows oscommerce security well and can give me a few quick pointers of the most vulnerable places that i can fix that would work to thanks.

I know i am only on here to as for stuff but i am new to it got start somewhere.