Need help in finding port of server

I am stuck in a real issue I make an automate website named with the help tasker now I am stuck in simple getting response action the tasker required the port number how we know which port hosting company is using from where I find this this port number I want to perform operation after getting the response it is important for me please anyone know about that please it comment down with detailed process.

If it’s a standard web site being hosted on a web server, surely the hosting company will be using the default ports? If it isn’t, you should ask the hosting company.

In any case there’s no PHP content here, so I’ve moved the post to the “Server Config” section as it seems more appropriate with the information presented.


What port number does your hosting provider use for your website? Have you contacted them and asked?

To find the port of a server, check its documentation, design records, or contact the facilitating supplier’s help. Moreover, you can utilize port filtering instruments like “nmap” to recognize open ports on the server. Before accessing a server, always make sure you have the right permission.

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