Help With Port Checking Script

I found this port checking script here

For some reason it is not showing any ports that I opened on my router except for 80. For example I have port 5445 open. But the script is not seeing it as opened. I have verified that it is open by going to other sites like and plus the device that uses that particular port is working.

Here is my script:


$ip = "";
$port = "5445";

print "I can see port $port on $ip";
print "I cannot see port $port on $ip";

It shows port 5445 as closed but it is open.
It does show as opened on other port checking sites, just not mine.

So I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the script or something on my server that is blocking it?
Maybe a php setting?

Try like this, and put script on host, not localhost


error_reporting(E_ALL);	// error reporting on

$ip = "";	// my localhost ip
$port = 26354;			// 26354 my opened port in modem
$timeout = 30;			// connection timeout in seconds 

if (fsockopen($ip, $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout)) {
	echo "I can see port $port on $ip";
} else {
	echo "I cannot see port $port on $ip, <br> error $errstr ($errno)<br />\n";


Thank you… I’m still getting the same results.

I cannot see port 5445 on [public ip address],
error Connection refused (111)

Error Log:
[27-Dec-2017 23:32:10 UTC] PHP Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to [public ip]:5445 (Connection refused) in /home/… on line 9

Try using curl instead of fsockopen to see if that makes any difference.

And are you now running the code from somewhere outside of your local router as @mlukac89 mentioned above? Some routers have different firewall rules and configuration for connections coming in from the outside to those going out from the inside.

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