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Pheweee, it’s been a NUMBER of years since I posted a question on these forums, and funny how it was the first place I thought about turning to when my servers on AWS conked out on me.

I have a bizarre situation and I am after some direction as to where to start looking for the problem. I’ve released my latest laravel release to my production environment on Wednesday, which has been running beautifully, until this morning. My issue does not appear to be related to my code or my app, but something I’ve never experienced before with Apache.

We never disabled the default apache vhost site on our server, bit just ran a new vhost along side it. It was my intention to lock down the default config within the next few days, but this morning when I finally managed to drag myself away from my work to get into bed, I tested functionality one last time before I was happy to close my eyes. Between 1am somewhere and 9am this morning, somehow, the default apache vhost became the host of my app. Needless to say, with my app being the centralized bridge to all our system, everything fell over.

I am trying to understand, how a default vhost suddenly comes into play, while nothing was changed on server level. Can I check logs? If so, which logs? Where do I start? I am going to figure out how this happened, even if I sit here until Monday, but I must know.

Our virtual hosts are configured on wildcard IP address, and our DNS servers sorts out the direction of traffic. It stopped loading my site, and loaded the default Apache page on that DNS name. We’ve temporarily fixed it by disabling the default vhost. How can it switch over like that? The site has been running this way for months.

Could it have anything to do with my redis and socket.io integration? Seriously, where do I go to figure it out? Tell me? :smile:


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