Contabo Port Scanning?

A bit of an odd question, but if anyone here uses contabo for hosting, are they ok with port scanning? I’ve reviewed their TOS and they don’t mention it, but I’m curious to see what customers of theirs have to say.

I’ve just this minute signed up with Contabo.

Please supply a script and if possible I will run it on the server.

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I think in general port scanning is frowned upon. What are you wanting to do?

I was thinking about running either Zmap or masscan.

To answer @rpkamp I’d use it to scan tcp/25565 and tcp/23 for research purposes.

I think I would just contact them and lay out what your plans are. Why you want to scan those ports, how often, at what rate, etc, etc.

I don’t think us guessing what will happen will get you anywhere.


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