Need Help for Alexa Ranking

Hello Guys,
Im looking a improvement on alexa ranking can you kindly just open my website once in your browser and close it.
as Webmaster im sure you might be having alexa toolbar which will help me reducing my alexa ranking.
Thanks for the help in advance!

Requests for self promotion are not permitted not should you be gaming a metric system, doing so just further reduces the already limited value of Alexa.

Thank you for your time

This will not improve the Alexa but increase the bounce rate of your website and harm it too. Don’t promote it like that here.

hi! I understand

you can buy some cpv traffic to increase the alexa ranking

That is just trying to manipulate the system, which Ted S has already warned against in post #2.

And a good way to improve your Alexa Ranking, what would that be? If it’s possible free?

Build a good site, create great content and attract genuine visitors. That way, your Alexa ranking might actually mean something.

Aaaah No!! :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to install the Alexa rank widget in your site. And everything will be done by Alexa. The widget will show the rank of your website in your website and also collect the visitor information when a visitor comes to your site/page. All you have to do is create a quality and original content to attract more visitors from the search engines (organic traffic).