Improve alexa rank

hey frnds…
i ve recently design my website…
i would like to know how to increase my alexa rank and get prank on my website…?
will be looking forward for the reply…
thank you…

Don’t bother. There you go, the easiest solution.

where it goes…?

Install the Alexa toolbar in your browser and keep surfing to your site.

Right because they are idiots at Alexa and would be fooled like that. Not to mention it would take FOREVER.

I was only joking. A high rank in alexa give you nothing apart from bragging rights. I’m sure there are heaps of ways of ‘gaming’ your alexa rank, but it won’t serve any purpose.

hey ninja…
why u think that would serve no purpose…?

how would installing the toolbar help me out in improving thr rank…?

I guess the real question is, how is he alexa rank calculated? If taking steps to increase your Alexa rank, leads to an increase in traffic/visitors, Then those steps you took were useful. But the rank is just a number, just like pagerank. I guess if would be useful if you were planning on selling your domain.

You have to do linkbuilding to improve alexa ranking of your website. Also, write guest columns in similar Niche web for quality traffic

You make relevant back link than you will get good ranking.