Increase Alexa Rank To Blog or website

If you have a blog or website, you may also know Alexa Rank, which is used to measure web traffic or blog. Alexa Rank is also a benchmark which was considered by the advertiser or services which require traffic to web / blog, of course, in addition to Google’s Page Rank. You could say the smaller the nominal on the Alexa Traffic Rank websites or blogs will be higher.

Therefore view the Alexa Rank is so important for your website or blog, then the following quick tips and tricks to improve ranking Alexa Rank:

Install the Alexa widget in the browser
Download and then install the Alexa widget means that you have entered your blog or website in the Alexa database so that any blog or website visitors will be recorded through the JavaScript widget. Simply copy and paste the script from Alexa website ( / siteowners / widgets / Sitestats?).

Install the Alexa toolbar
Use to collect data from the user toolbar on any page is accessed. So if you install this toolbar and make your blog / website as the homepage of the browser you use, it will help to improve the Alexa ranking of your website or blog. Data will be collected from every website you visit the browser already installed this toolbar, not only from your website.

Increasing visitor traffic
Alexa Rank function is to create websites or blogs ranked by popularity website or blog in question. When the visitor more and more, then its Alexa ranking will also improve or decrease the number.

Creating an article about Alexa
With post-themed articles is expected to increase Alexa ranking website or blog.

Using software
In addition to the tricks above, there is also a quick trick to boost the ranking Alexa Rank with the software, namely The following steps use the software:

 * Download application Alexa Enhancer (, g / alexa-rank-en hancer.html)
 * Install the computer, then run the application
 * Change the "URL To Send To:" with your website URL, and select Add and click Next Step
 * Choose a proxy, because it does not have a proxy list, and select "Default Proxy List", click Next Step.
 * Start the application by clicking Start in order to send a bot to increase Alexa traffic your blog or website
 * You can see the results a few days later.

Very good tips but Alexa is not much popular for ranking these days.

Alexa is very important for the blog, because it determines the popularity of blogs. If the high popularity of blog visitors will automatically come.

I don’t really understand the statement here. Does that mean that if you have better Alexa ranking, that will attract more people to visit? Doubt it will

Nice! Long as you optimize your home page for SEO purposes, ease of use, and interaction. Creating a positive user experience will get visitors to return again and again.

To get a top Alexa rank just get half a dozen friends to install the Alexa toolbar and visit your page a ferw times a day. That will push your site way up toward the top.

It seems none understand what alexa wants.
Your visitors must stay long at your website so you will get higher rank…so advertisement agencies dont care pagerank they care alexa

Increase pageviews per visitor, that should help.

The easy way to increase your Alexa is sign up on blog catalog and ask someone if you can write a guest post on their blog but make sure it is relevant to your niche. This will certain to increase in foreign traffic to your blog/site.

I have installed an Alexa tool bar and I continuously monitor the progress, i guess Alexa ranks the site on the number of visits for the particular site, more the traffic for the site you get good Alexa rank.Well, i am looking for a good Alexa rank as Alexa has gained a great importance and a good standard also

If you get the firefox addon for Alexa and keep reloading under a proxy it sometimes works.