Need help..... earn from facebook and twiter but how..?

hello guyss,i heard that we can make money from facebook and twiter but how…is there any body who can tell me some tricks or mthds…so i can start…:mad:

Well,I think money making through facebook is quite hard for beginners.You can only do that if you can get much traffic to hit advertisements on face book.

5 Ways to Make Money with Facebook:

  1. Create a Custom Tab for Your Facebook Page With an Opt-In Offer
  2. Sell Stuff in the Facebook Marketplace
  3. Install Facebook Like Buttons into your Opt-in and Sales Pages
  4. Post Often with Links to Your Website
  5. Engage on Your Page

Having a page with a lot of likes helps then you can post CPA links to related offers

you can publish the products of other on your Fane Page if it has good followers and charge the person whom product you are advertising on your page or you can also earn money by giving the to give likes from people to a targeted page.


There are pretty much two ways you can monetize a Facebook page. You can either sell a product or service from the page or you can drive traffic to your website using the page. Make sure you have a well-designed landing page to send visitors to when they click through to your site.

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Hey, first you have to create a page for your business products in Facebook and twitter. Then share the useful information related to the products. Defintiely it will lead you the expected businesss.