Can You Make Money With Facebook?

Hi all!

Just like to ask if one can make money with Facebook? I think it has potential and social media looks like the future but I just don’t know how one can make money with Facebook.


Are you asking if Facebook can make you money for a business you already have or are you trying to use Facebook as a channel to make money by its self?

The short answer is you can make money with facebook (I do) and there are several ways to go about it.

The problem is that your question is actually MASSIVE in scope. Here’s the thing. From a very basic level, making money on facebook is the same as making money with ANY business … online or offline.

You need traffic (prospects) … that traffic/prospects need to somehow be presented with an offer … the better targeted the offer to the community of traffic you are getting and the better the offer the more you will make.

Can’t remember where I heard this but … send relevant traffic relevant offers.

Having said that, here’s some specific information

["]]( Amazon How To Make Money With Facebook search query

["]]( YouTube How To Make Money With Facebook search query

Now that’s kind of cheating … I get that. Just giving you links to search queries is kind of “jerkish” … in this case however I think it’s appropriate.

Your question is so broad that if I’d have just answered “yes you can” that would have been just as “jerkish” :slight_smile:

Do some research and if you can give some more specific questions I’ll be happy to help.

You can use Facebook to make money. You won’t see results right away but fans can become potential clients. You can use the Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your site and hopefully get sales. You can post deals/promotions to intrigue fans as well. Social media helps but you can’t depend on it 100%.

using Facebook to generate traffic to your website will help generate revenue.

Yes we can. Just create a page for your products and post each pictures you want to sell. If you don’t have a product of your own, still you can make money. Just install some applications which creates a facebook store with products coming from different vendors. Some of these are payvment, shopvisble and You will be given a commission if ever someone buys through your page.

If you page has a serious number of fans, you can sell “likes”

Selling Likes is not a viable model. The value of a page with a strong following is relevant to the the topic of the page.

You can earn money with facebook by sharing the link and like various company’s website.

Yes you can, I have embedded my amazon Astore to the Page.Promoting that page and getting comission through sales.

yes. you can make money from the facebook . It is all about advertisement . More people know about your service/product , more number of customers you will get . This is how it works . And , now a days . social networking sites is the best method for quickly gain the popularity.

You can even create fan pages for other businesses and charge them, for that you need to have a fan page of your own where you can offer this service. Infact i’ve seen many fashion designers offering their services on their fan page instead of have their own website.