How we can earn money from Facebook?

How we can earn money from Facebook?

Grow your social media page to certain extent create a website with interesting content divert your page’s traffic to website also create a adsense account to start earning. this will take time but once you have a decent traffic you are ready to earn money :slight_smile:

first you need to invest in facebook ads to grow your social media presence, then reap results.

I refute the idea that you “need” to buy ads.

The question is, perhaps, too vaguely stated; how do you define ‘earn money from Facebook’? Conversion of facebook followers to paying customers? Gaining of said followers? Direct payout from facebook?

Describe your situation more, and you would get better responses.


Create a FB Page after that gain 10k followers and apply for Facebook Adbreak. after approved fb page you can earn lot of money. last month i got 509 dollar

To sue Zuckerberg due awful Facebook design and win the process.

you can still grow without investing on facebook.

Recently I just get to know that you can earn money from ads through your Facebook videos. Facebook will pay you based on the video you posted on your page that gain a lot of views, they will put an ads on your video and you will get paid.

Sorry a bit slow to know this…

Since the OP hasn’t returned I don’t think it makes sense to persue this any further.

Thanks for all suggestions!

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