Need a system for my team

Need a system for my IT team where i need below

Team member shouldnt contact each other & client shouldnt contact team ,BUT THEY CAN DISCUSS

Any CHAT or Site that offers such features were business owner have full control

… i’m confused.

So… noone would be able to contact another person, but they should be able to discuss things? So… a forum, but with the profile options disabled?

Restricted Profile were no contact details r shared except brief description

My only aim is that my client and designer won’t leave me and break my team



Is there a way to prevent sharing of contact details on Slack, @benanamen?

The only instance of Slack I’ve used allows private messages and also has a “Workspace directory” with email addresses.

If your that worried about your team breaking up if people have access to things like… email addresses, I think you’ve got bigger problems to think about.



Like why your team is so fragile? Like why you feel the need to cut communication lines between clients and the team? If you are so concerned that your team will explode as soon as they have contact with clients, do you have the wrong clients? the wrong team? or perhaps the wrong company setup?


I just don’t want my client or my team make me lose my project in any possibility

It sounds as though your relationship with your client is fragile too.


No 1 can gurantee what will be the future

No, but it’s hard to see how you can work together as a “team” with so little trust.

The fact that nobody seems to know of any kind of communication system which behaves as you want rather confirms that it’s a very odd way of working.


It looks like the only way is to handle all contact with the client by yourself. Hoping that your team members won’t figure out who the client is and contact him themselves.

As others have mentioned, this means your business/company is fragile. This is a normal worry/situation when the clients only come to save money, not to get quality.

Though while you work on moving the business to the other side of the specter (quality), there is a very simple solution to the issue. Have one point of contact, which could be you. This is something that clients normally prefer, as they have one dedicated point of contact to talk to/rely on.

What is important is that the contact is able to understand the technical behind the programming/design so they can relay what the client want to the team. In addition, if there is a screw up, it is vital that the contact dont blame the person/team that did it, as that just reflect poorly on them and the company. Instead they should own the mistake, even if they did not do it.

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I mean can we use dummy profile for client & user…add filter so dat while chatting they dont type gmail,contact number…TO monitor many client & user. is paid so

Are you saying you want a free system? You didn’t mention that previously as a requirement.

Slack does have a free version, but as I said above, I don’t think it meets your other requirements.

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Are you saying you want a free system?