Web based chat/community is slack the one?


Would like your opinion if Slack is to choose for a website that would like a way for users to connect and chat. We have a website that is dedicated to a sport and we want the users to be able to community but we would not like start a whole new facebook alike for the sport since it would be born to be dead.

But if visitors easily could connect and chat like IRC, that would be great, is Slack the way to go?

There are very many chat applications. You have said very little about your requirements.

Slack might be more than you need. It might be less than you need. You have not said enough for anyone to make a clear recommendation.

Slack has a great free plan, but if you exceed a certain amount of messages, it’ll start removing older ones. You can of course, get these back if you upgrade to a paid plan, but that can become very expensive-

Other than that (and its opaque and sometimes controversial privacy policies) Slack is a great product.

Thanks alot @SamuelCalifornia and @James_Hibbard !
We would like to get more user engagement, I know this is vaguely described, but I do not know how to describe it really. Privacy is of concern if Slack is a problem with its privacy policies.

Also consider social networking. Many CMSs have social networking features (plugin(s)) that might satisfy requirements plus add more that would be advantageous. For example the CMS DNN has social networking capabilities and I was surprised when I learned that they are actually the type of thing that a business would use to use social networking features to promote and support their business.

There are very many chat applications. It has been said that chat applications are often used for simple samples of network programming. And there are hundreds and probably thousands of improvements on the simple beginnings.

You need to define your requirements better. This is a vague question that can only get vague results. If you need psychics then I think this is not the place.

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