Is there a free and secure online dashboard my client can use to communicate with other workers?

My client runs a medical business. Is there a free online dashboard he can use in order to communicate with his coworkers with? Perhaps something with calendars.

I know bbedit used to have boards. But I am not sure if those forums are no longer in existence. I will have to investigate. How about a Google+ forum? Can Google+ be made to be private with only invited users.

My client uses GoDaddy for their hosting company. Perhaps they offer something.

Any recommendations would greatly be appreciated.


If it’s medical business there is doctor-patient confidentiality to take into account. I would thread very carefully and make sure the service you pick is very secure to prevent leaking of confidential data.


Excellent point. However, this is not a doctor’s office. He’s some sort of medical portal that displays medical news in the area.

Maybe try Slack

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Oh yes!!! I remember using this tool for a class I recently took! Thank you so much!!

By the way, my client really runs a Public Health company not a medical company. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m wondering how secure Slack is.

As far as security is concerned I think your proposed implementation is safe.

From a hacker’s point of view there will be a far better financial return on time spent by trying to hack any of the very large Slack customers .

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Another alternative could be Flowdock which is free for teams of 5 or less and student use.

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Cisco Spark or Fleep could suit your needs for sure.

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