Private Team Forum Software


I’ve been asked by a client to add a completely private team forum / discussion board to their website so that members of staff can chat, share ideas and so on.

It would be invite only to an approved email list but anyone invited would have all permissions to view, post, create topics. Anyone else visiting the page should see nothing other than the login form. Ideally I’d also like to have automatic notification as an option when new topics and posts are added to mail the fact to all members.

All the free to download board software I’ve looked at (PHPBB etc) seem to be ridiculously top heavy for what I need as I don’t need to manage registrations, user permissions, moderate or administrate posts and wondered if anyone had any recommmendations for a solution as I’m thinking of building it from scratch.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Pretty much any 3rd party software will be feature rich and big.

If you want something light and designed specifically for your needs, you pretty much have to build it your self.

Thanks for the reply.

Always worth checking, I figure, to avoid re-inventing the wheel but good to know I’ve not missed an obvious option.