Is there any way to find out where someone is getting their traffic from?

I’m curious if there is any techniques for finding out where a website is getting traffic from, whether its’ Search Engines, Adwords, or some huge website.

Is there any software/tools for that type of valuable information?



Not really… but you can get an idea by looking at how they rank in the search engines, and you can also see what websites link to them. But you would need access to their server to get the real thing.

Try here…

Also try… a good tool to know about your competitor.

As such there is no tool is available on the net that can brings traffic like branded sites but one thing you can do it for your site is take the tool for site analysis, keyword digging according to your site then optimize your site.

spyfu is pretty decent.

Google Ad Planner – This is my favorite tool that is both accurate and comprehensive. You get to know the traffic of any website in a particular geographic region (or worldwide), average number of visits per visitor, total page views, unique visitors and the broad category of that site.

Here’s how you can use Google Ad Planner to determine the traffic of any website:

  1. Click the “Begin Research” tab in your Ad Planner dashboard.

  2. Type the URLs of all websites that you want to research in the “Sites Visited” section of “Online Activity”

  3. You’ll see that all those sites now appear on the right side. Click the name of the site to view the traffic and demographic details of that site.

If you need to check the rankings of any website on multiple services in one go, try Dataopedia or Attention Meter. Both these services offer traffic graphs from Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, etc. on the same page.

If you don’t have a stats program available from your web host, try using Google Analytics (not sure if I spelt that correctly). You put a small piece of code on your web page that Google gives to you. Once you get used to it, it actually gives you quite a bit of useful info, including the search terms visitors are searching for and found you.

There is absolutely no way to know this by using Internet tools.

Only the owner knows.

Duh. Obviously.

You can do a Google backlink check, but that tells only a small part of it.

If you really want to know, you could try posing as an advertiser, and ask them that question.

Many advertisers want to know anyway. Rightly so. This a routine question.

You can get part of that information through backlinks.

If the website is well-established and developed, the stats like Alexa will be more representative. As you get the overall traffic quantities, you may suggest, which part of that traffic the website can get from this or that link… but that’s just an idea, not sure if it really helps. Some traffic sources may not be seen by stats counters and search engines…

Hello, I am using awstats for checking the traffic. It shows everything. Hits, traffic, keyword search. so try this.


There are tools that allow for this sort of insight but there’s two big qualifiers – the site has to be fairly large and you have to pay for access. SO basically it needs to be worth the investment.

If this is the case look at Hitwise, which will show you upstream & downstream traffic (where they came from and went), search keywords, and even demographics. Comscore can also do some of this as well.

you want to use one for your own website(s) then you can use google analytics. it’s one of the best tools out there…

Google ad planner is good and helpful.

Yes, I try already Google ad planner. It helps a lot and very useful.

You can definitly anazlye their SE stuff, how they are ranking for certain keywords, what keywords they are ranking for, if they are still building backlinks etc, but not too much more then that, but knowing where other websites build backlinks, is a great way to find new places to build backlinks to your website. :slight_smile:

One way that I use is checking the alexa traffic and if there are massive spikes in traffic at a certain time, I will go and check that persons social bookmarking sites like Digg or SU to see if they had any articles that went viral.