MYspace versus Twitter!

hi all!
If you have to choose one of the following:
a) Myspace
'b) Twitter

which one would you choose and why?

This question has been asked numerous times. And time and time again I think everyone agrees that, IT DEPENDS. It all depends what your company goals are, what you are hoping to gain from using these sites and how they will benefit your site.

Twitter is more celeb than myspace, in my opinin !

thanks for adding your reviews :slight_smile:

People still use myspace?

Exactly, and apparently. Though, they keep laying off chunks of its workforce.

Facebook and Twitter are typically the mediums of choice for promotion these days. Even if they are just used to link to a longer blog post on the organization’s website.

No one uses Myspace anymore, those people have migrated to Facebook. I dislike both Facebook and Myspace, but I love Twitter.

In my opinion twitter is known to be a much popular medium as in comparison to myspace

Ya, and Myspace tried to do something when they released their new layout, but that just closed the door for them even more.

A lot of people still use Myspace, but not as much as Facebook and Twitter.

Personally, Twitter hands down.

I use twitter. I have never used my space.

thanks again all of you for your great replies.

Easy - Twitter. Myspace is dead.

Although Myspace seems dead, Twitter can’t really be compared to Myspace. I would say it’s because the activities provided by Myspace vs Twitter. Twitter couple a char’s and your done, unless you read other posts. Myspace has groups/games/videos/profiles etc… Its more user oriented… at least it was before it turned into what it is now.

Not that many though - are people still using it to market though? I know it was a good way to get music out, but then again, it started losing popularity.

I will vote for Twiiter, as it is also not good as Facebook , but is better than Myspace

I won’t say that myspace is better than twitter nor i will say twitter is better than myspace. Around 4 years ago, myspace was the best social networking site globally but now there are only spammers. In the same way, twitter was having only genuine users 2 years ago but now 40% users are fake and just participating for the sake of spamming. After a year or 2, Both will be same.

Now days twitter is very much popular. Majority of peoples use twitter similarly i use twitter but never use myspace. now i am think about using myspace too.

Ya, I remember when Myspace was popular - and all the help sites were generating thousands a month. What do you think Myspace become so unpopular over the years?

I think some kind of trend or may be peoples get fed-up with things and start searching for new things. May be this thing happened with myspace.

I will undoubtedly choose Twitter. I even don’t have account in MySpace.