Recommend a good, secure shared hosting service?

Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you can recommend a good shared hosting service, with emphasis on security. I have been using InmotionHosting for a while, but earlier this year my site was compromised. Lately it seems as if my site is also being spammed with dummy registrations.

Suffice it to say, I do not mind paying more for quality. I also know that dedicated hosting is the best, but that’s beyond my range at the moment.

Oh, and shell access is a plus :slight_smile:


If you worry about your security and know what you need - get small and unmanaged VPS and setup there security kit you wish. As per the price I suppose that would be in the same range of the shared web hosting account of the same size.


I assume you’ve changed all your passwords etc.? There’s every chance that the problem is actually at your end and someone has your FTP password and is changing your files that way - or you’ve got them writeable by user and a hole n one of your scripts is allowing them to execute arbitrary commands - Of course this may not be the case, but more often than not it is unfortunately.


dummy registrations are a problem of the software that’s running on your website and has next to nothing to with the hoster. Put the same software on another host and the dummy registrations will still pop up.
Instead of looking for a different host, I’d have a look at the software you’re running first :slight_smile:

I do not agree that could be the cheapest solution, however that can work the best for this particular situation.

If you need a good host go to

They offer daily support, live help and discounts when you move to them

Unfortunately it’s a shared environment, not a dedicated server. So I can’t do anything about the server software stack. If you were talking about my site’s server-side code, then you are probably correct and I’m sure the dummy registrations had something to do with one or more altered files that resulted from the first time my site was compromised. I know this because the attack profile matches that of the search engine exploit that was going around earlier this year.

The reason I’m asking around for good hosting providers is because it happened again yesterday. A few more files were altered - no biggie since I have backups on my local and testing servers. Whether or not this had something to do with the first time, I don’t know. However I don’t want to take chances, and I want to know if there is a hosting provider out there that has a pretty solid rep. Also, switching to a dedicated server is not an option at the moment.