My Website Home Page not getting Indexed by Bing Search Engine

I have a website for Tech support services, My website home page and sub pages are shown in Google search engine and “about” “support” “contact us” pages are shown in bing search engine except home page. I have manually submitted the home page to Bing fetchbot. Website robots.txt, sitemap and ror.xml are working fine and there is no “noindex” tag anywhere in the website. Can anybody provide me solution to fix this issue?

I know that Google states quite clearly it does not guarantee to index all pages of a site, and I imagine Bing operates in a similar manner. If, for example, the home page largely contains information found in more detail on other pages, it might be omitted in favour of the more detailed pages.

You could try searching their guidelines for more information, but at the end of the day, the search engines all operate according to their own rules, and there is little you can do about it, beyond ensuring your pages/site meet the quality guidelines.

Hey, There may be many reasons due to which the page doesn’t gets indexed. First an foremost is indexing is done according to the rules of search engines and others may be due to some issues on your side, for example : you may have included robot tag. You may refer to the below site:

Haven’t experienced this yet but try to update your homepage add more content to it.

I think bing takes time to index a site, you can do link building for your site may be this thing can be helpful for you.

Have you submitted an XML sitemap to Bing using their Webmaster Console?

I have carefully reviewed the Bing guidelines! I contacted to the bing Webmaster and they said my website is de indexed by Bing. Whenn I asked them to provide me particular reason… they sent me Bing Webmaster guidelines post!! :roll_eyes:

Yes, I have submitted the sitemap to webmaster. But my website is deindexed

In that case, there seems to be little you can do about it, beyond striving to improve the quality of the site in the hope that Bing will reconsider it in future.

Have you tried “pinging” your pages… try Ping Farm or something similar… incidentally its good practice to ping your new content each time you put something new up on your site, that way the search engines get notified that you’ve published something new. (wordpress has a built in Ping List so you shouldnt need to with WP)

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please share your site link to all social media sites and also try to share on some web 2.0 sites . It will index soon.

Bing has deindexed the site. Creating low-quality backlinks will do nothing to help the situation.

Only earned links carry weight with search engines these days, and the only way to get those is to create high-quality, unique content.

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