My webpage don't update?

Hi guys

I have this strange problem.

When I change the html or jquery codes and upload them to my website.
And refresh the page the new changes don’t show up, why is this?
Also this happens to all my internet browsers like FireFox4, Chrome, MSEI9 and Safari.
And this only happen to my computer, I tested it into another computer and the changes show up.

By the way I’m using Windows Vista (Licensed) and TrendMicro Titanium (Licensed).
I have a strong feeling that this problem, Is related to my computer cache? am I right?
or a Virus?

How do I fix this?

I hope someone will help me to fix this problem.

Thanks in advanced.

I would think it is to do with your cache. You can flush it by going to command prompt

Might not be but still check the file permissions.

You might need to reset if using fcgi.
Clearing your browser cache helps - use ccleaner for faster clearing of all cache.
If your server use templates, clear that too but it looks like the problem is with your computer, so I think clearing your cache is enough and make sure Java runtime engine is working properly.