Issue with updated changes

So I’ve encountered an issue that takes place after I’ve made mostly minor changes to my website. After saving them (mostly interface and color changes), I refresh the site and nothing changes for me. I ctrl+f5 refresh, I’ve tried flushing all caches, reindexing and nothing will work. It’s issue with just me as well. Even on my laptop on and phone…not just my desktop. For others, it updates with all the changes. Using, everything seems to update as well, for all browsers.

Nothing for me. Not Firefox, Chrome or IE. Not my laptop. Not my phone.

What could be my problem…

It could be some kind of caching by your ISP or something—but I don’t know much about all that. It’s occasionally happened to me, and what I do is just change the name of the style sheet, which forces styling to update. You can even then switch back to the old name again after that, although changing the style sheet name helps to ensure that no one else will keep seeing the old, cached version of the style sheet.

Thanks, I’m going to give that a try. It finally updated for me after a couple hours, which I just don’t understand.

Going off your suggestion though, would using jQuery get script function to get a clean copy every time I load the page work? Or would that slow the server a bit?

I don’t know, I’m afraid. Another (perhaps easier) option is to include a timestamp with the file names—although I prefer only to do that during development, or on sites where there are constant updates.

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