Give me tips how to seo top in 1 month?

I am a newbie on seo zone, i just buid a site, I am looking for a tips from experts on seo to help me boost the key i am doing seo to be the page #1 on 1 month. It’s a longtail keyword, so i think that rank is possible but i dont know how to do.
Please give me advice. Many thanks!

You should focus on Onpage factors, quality of content, offpage process (High PR link building), Social media profiles and profile creation section.

Hi pong_jes, I can get you the relevant answer. If you love to watch videos tutorial, then here is the link for you that will make you learn everything what you want to know about SEO as a beginner.

Note: This link is not for promotional purpose-

If you’re new to SEO, then I strongly advise you to start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. It will give you a good grounding in the basics.

SEO efforts will eventually show up after weeks or months. You will not get overnight results.

I know is good. is good to register you company…and there are other good business directories in which you should list yourself. its free.

Start with business directories and some blogs about your business.

Ummm, unless if your website, niche, and the keywords you’re targeting has little to zero competitors, you won’t get number one in one month. It usually takes a campaign to bear fruit within 3-6 months, fewer if you’re lucky. However, since it’s a long tail keyword, it’s entirely possible, but only if there are only a few competitors.

A company I know prioritizes optimizing long-tail keywords instead of shorter, more competitive ones.

On a lighter note, I’d like to compare SEO campaigns to wooing a girl. You don’t ask a woman to be your girlfriend within a month. It takes at least six or more months worth of effort to captivate her and finally say yes.

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i have found something useful for you, i hope it will help you to be at top in soon

1.Update your content regularly
2.Publish relavent content
3.Do seo in quality link
4.Get more backlink to your website

Curiously, when I copied the above reply and fed it into Google, the first three results to come up were these:


High rank within a month might not be such a good idea. SEO is a contribution of original content, captivating designs and most importantly credit-worthy strategies. You should study SEO well before initiating any course of action. Any “grey tactics” can also lead to Google penalizing your website. Be cautious and all the best.

You can’t rank in one month… First of all increase backlinks for your site.

The first is not true and the second is conjecture

If you have a unique site with quality content in a noncompetitive niche you might appear in the SERPs as soon as the site is crawled and indexed.

The number of backlinks a site has is only one of the things that a search engine might consider. And in fact, having too many of them may have a negative effect up to and including removal of the site from the SERPs

I am with TechnoBear, if you are new in this field then you must know that getting stable ranking within days, weeks or month is not possible & risky. You need to understand the basic concept of Online Marketing, because different link building applied for different kind of website. So learn the basic and then go for any method adaptation.

Dude, you need to focus on on page optimization as well as off page.
Make SEO- friendly URLs ; use keywords in your urls and file names.
Use a unique and relevant title and meta description on every page. The page title is the single most important on-page SEO factor.
You can also search Google or yahoo update to find new SEO tips. Hope what i shared will help you in some way.

I think it’s almost impossible to do it, it’s rather long process, it can only happen if your niche is new and there are few competitors. There are lots of seo firms, that can promise you to do it, but don’t believe them!
You should read much information about seo and in some time you’ll get the result.
Good luck!

As @pong_jes asked the question over two months ago, we can only hope they met their target, as they’ve not returned to the thread. It does, however, seem rather pointless to continue offering advice long past the deadline.

Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.

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