My site is blacklisted by GOOGLE

My website is recently attract by the hackers and site is lacklisted by GOOGle. So I want to delect my file folder from my control panel dashbord.
Pls give suggestions that in which file folder can I delete which would not reflect my site display (Which folder items not necessary and would not effect to delect).


It is hard to advise without knowing the site and the nature of the attack. It could be they installed malicious files, or corrupted existing files.
Perhaps you may want to wipe it all and restore a back-up from a time before the hacking.
Needles to say you must change your passwords.

There is a detailed post here (now several years old, but still useful) on recovering from a hack:

Resources on web application security - #31 by dklynn

This article may also help:

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Google blacklisted as Deceptive site, I already deleted some files and submitted to google to withdraw the blacklist. But still it is blacklisted.

Deleting files at random (which seems to be what you’re doing) will not solve the problem. You need to find the actual cause of the “Deceptive” classification and remove it. There is no point asking Google to reconsider the site until you are sure you have fixed everything which required fixing.

Also, files may not be the only problem, the database could have been corrupted.

WordPress site? Here’s another link that can help



I already detected 29 infected file or url and deleted. Later on by scanning, it is shown that 29 infections remove.
But there shown the 03 warning,

  1. /wp-content/index.php is not readable
    2./wp-content/uploads/index.php is not readable
    3./wp-content/themes/index.php is not readable

I think, above files are deleted, so what can I do now to recover the file (index.php)
See attachment, (Yellow color),

Can you remove them and restore back up versions?

How to restore backup versions. I have a backup file in my control panel folder.

Are there not instructions in your control panel?

Are you sure the back-up is from a date prior to the hack? You don’t want to risk reinstalling compromised files.

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