How to delete hacked URL's?

I am helping a family member out getting her hubby project website some rankings in google. But the site was hacked a couple months ago, so when you do a site search on the domain, you will see a lot of random urls. How do i clear these the fastest way :confused:

Thank you in advance


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The fastest way to remove them is to use the “remove URL” option in webmaster tools. (I can’t remember the exact name for it, and I’m on mobile just now and can’t check. IIRC, it should be easy to find.)

of course, the better way is to totally remove pages from the site
but you can do as suggested above - remove from indexation - but it is a temporary solution

The problem pages don’t actually exist, so there is nothing to remove.
They are just in the index and return a 404.

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I’m assuming that the site has been cleaned up after the hack and the pages removed.

They will disappear from the index eventually, as they no longer exist, but when I had a similar problem some years ago, I was surprised at how long it took for them to disappear, and ended up using the URL removal option fort speed.

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I recommend running through Google’s Webmasters help for hacked sites resource. From there, you should go through and utilize your robots.txt and exclude URLs tools from Google. Modify your .htaccess file, and disallow those urls.
The google crawler will take some time to understand the changes.

If all fails, activate 301 redirection

> The google crawler will take some time to understand the changes.
If you use option ‘Remove URL’ pages will disappear relatively quickly (up to 2-3 days)

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