My posts must be approved?

I spent quite a long time debugging a thread (well ok 10 minutes) and upon posting it had me wait 30 seconds (26 actually) because apparently I had just posted?

Anyway upon posting it said it would have to be approved by a moderator before it would show (then redirected me to the thread)

I have the post CTRL+C’d because I didn’t want to lose it just in case (whew) :slight_smile:

Done and it is showing :).

Thank you :slight_smile:

That means there’s probably a term in your post that may trigger spam alert via the system. Some posts get into the moderation queue for that reason, it has nothing to do with you, so post away. :slight_smile:

Ok well I just tried again and it did the (you must wait 28 seconds)

I’ll post it once more and then if it still doesn’t do it then I shall wait I guess :slight_smile:

Just post it and one of the Advisors will approve it manually.

Edit: I approved it.