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I commented in several blog site with my name, email and website and then post comments. Some of them instantly approved, some of which waiting for moderation but some of them showed nothing. Can anybody tell me the reason why some blog site does not show comments in the commenting area.

[font=verdana]It depends on how the blog is set up and what software it is using. Some blogs show comments that are awaiting moderation to the person who posted them, others don’t. If you aren’t logged in or remembered then that would explain why your post doesn’t show until it has been approved.

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I have moved this from Internet Marketing to Social Media, because blog commenting has nothing at all whatsoever to do with Internet Marketing (and if you are using it in that way then you are very much wasting your time, and other people’s).

There could be any number of reasons. Your comments may have fallen into their spam filter (Not saying they did, but it’s a possibility), they may be waiting in moderation, or the blog owner may have decided to close that particular post for comments altogether. It really depends upon who administers the blog. Comments on blogs are not a right, but a courtesy that blog owners extend to their readers.

What type of comments have you been writing? Short comments like “nice post” or “thanks for posting this” can often end up on the scrap bin. Generally, good bloggers want comments that promote discussion of their posts, much the same as those we expect from our members here. If you have a question about a certain blog comment, your best option is to contact the blog admin and ask why your comment wasn’t published. Even if they don’t have a posted contact address, if you use something like admin (at) blogname.tld or info (at) – of course substituting the sign for the word ‘at’, your question will usually be directed to the blog admin.

No I don’t use short words only. Al least 2 or 3 sentence

Still the content of those two or three sentences may be the issue. As said before, the best way to find out is to contact one of the blogs that don’t publish your comments. It’s doubtful that anyone here can come up with another person’s reason for doing what they do or don’t do.

Look! This generally means that your comment has been submitted for moderation. The kind of commenting that you have described, almost gives, “comment on moderation” results only. So, try find out blogs that allow html’s on the comment body. Generally such blogs will ask you to login and such websites give instant and permanent approval too.

Thanks for giving your idea.

Probably owners accept only paid links.

It’s obvious, some websites may not wish other unknown sources to spam their comment section. This will end up as a headache if your website holds spam information. Thats the reason why all websites don’t accept comments with a website link pinned to it.

Why, after reading through this thread, would you believe that? I have yet to see a blog that accepts paid only comments.

Generally such blogs will ask you to login and such websites give instant and permanent approval too. So your back link will be generate for that blog.

It some time occur, when the commends are used in wrong way.And use 3 or more sentence as commends.

It might happen. There are many people sell it.

It might but you don’t know it does. Your previous statement said ‘probably’. :shifty: I would say that lacks credibility.

blogs sometime hold comments for moderation depending on how many comments, the person approving could take a while, or they can reject the comment thinking it’s spam

There are several reason but one of most popular reason is the blogger doesn’t have time to manage comment, So that they don’t want any comment section in their blog post.

This is because blogger wish to maintain dignity of his blog & furthermore to prevent spam content. If you comment is appropriate according to niche & doesn’t having promotional link then he will definitely approve your comment.

You can’t say “definitely”, because it is not guaranteed that a blogger will approve each and every non-spam comment. Some bloggers only approve comments that are really high quality discussion pieces. Some bloggers don’t approve comments that are critical of the blog or that they disagree with. Some bloggers just aren’t very good at the admin side and might forget to approve comments or miss some by accident.

I think we have rounded up most of the reasons comments aren’t immediately approved.

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