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I looked trough the FAQ/rules, but couldn’t find how many posts you have to add to this forum before your posts are no longer have to be approved by a moderator?

None. What posts are you seeing that message for? We do have an auto-mod tool that places posts that meet certain criteria into an unapproved state until a moderator reviews it, but nothing based on post count or length of time here.

That’s the theory, but unfortunately the auto-mod has developed a mind of its own, and periodically starts moderating perfectly good posts for no apparent reason. :o Even more unfortunately, it seems to develop grudges against certain members, so once it starts moderating your posts, it carries on, no matter how innocent they may be.

The forum is shortly moving to Discourse, so there’s no point in trying to fix this increasingly-broken system now. We can only apologise for the inconvenience, and ask you to bear with us until we move to our shiny new system.

The moderators do try to approve posts as quickly as possible, but at weekends in particular, we’re sometimes a bit thin on the ground.

Ok, it’s not a big probleme, my posts are approved very quickly. I was just curious.

All my posts in this topic needed approval:

edit: this post, didn’t need approval.

strange my post is gone.

I try again.

It’s not a big probleme, my posts are approved very quickly so far, I was just curious.

All my posts in this topicc needed approval:

It did after you edited it, 'cos I just approved it. :lol:

I’m beginning to think the system realises it’s about to be replaced, and has decided to make the most of its remaining time…:shifty:

But at least now you know it’s nothing you’re doing wrong, and you’re not alone in suffering this problem. :slight_smile:

Edit: and your post #5 came in and was moderated while I was posting this reply. :rolleyes:

FOund out that if you alter your post, it also add one to your post count.

Never mind I’m lying, I just somehow recieved 1 post count to many, or I’m not very good in counting.

No, not you - it’s the system at fault (again) :).

It shouldn’t count deleted posts, but it seems to be counting one I removed from your other thread. (You’d made duplicate posts, because the first one was auto-modded and disappeared. I removed the extra one.) So your post count should have reduced by one, but it didn’t. However in certain circumstances, if a post is deleted, the post count goes down by two instead of just one. :rolleyes: I’ve given up trying to make sense of it. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, once we move to Discourse, everything will work smoothly as it ought to. (There’s no auto-mod system on Discourse, for a start. ;))

I’m a patient person, so far this forum answers questions much faster and nicer then most other fora, so I will be here for a while :wink:

Thanks for the compliment, and glad to hear you intend to stay. :slight_smile:

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