My PC screen messed up while playing

hi all,
I formatted my pc this sunday installed my games when i play game on my screen suddenly all colors messed up.I restarted it twice but no luck…??
i don’t know wats happening…u guys any got idea…

Thanks in advance for any advice. :slight_smile:

The issue is the graphics driver, you should go to the card manufacturers website (like NVIDIA, ATi or Intel) and download and install the latest release for your particular card model. Most of those sites have a scanner to help you detect if you have the latest version installed (if you can’t remember the model). :slight_smile:

Any particular game with the colours messing up or is it all games?


I think ur display driver outdated or might be not installed correctly…as its the only reason…ur display screen messed up…there is this application Advanced Driver Updater…this helps u in get rid of drivers trouble…it scans & show u the outdated drivers on ur machine & den u can download latest drivers 4m it…!U can take back up before installing the new ones…!!
It is available at systweak site.