Graphic card keeps disabled


How do i get rid out of this, every time i start my PC all program that i open especially games are not working. Maybe the graphic card or display is disabled?

Thanks in advance!

I think virus detect your PC! is there anti virus installed in your PC?

What error messages are you getting when trying to run any app? What OS are you using? In what way are apps “not working”?

Have you installed the graphics card driver? If so, the drivers could corrupted. Try to completely uninstall the drivers then reboot computer and install the drivers again.

Your problem is probably not related to your graphics card at all.

Seeing this is an oldish thread hopefully you’ve fixed the problem by now. If not, you really need to list more details on the symptoms and error messages you are getting.

Your original post is a bit like someone going to their doctor and saying to them: I am feeling sick but I’m not going to tell you the symptoms and I want you to make me better.

There can be two reasons for this.One display card update problem and second virus.So,first go to divise manager and check your card status.If it is ok then the problem is virus.

without more details from the op the cause of the problem might be neither of those 2 reasons.

There are many other possible reasons why the programs are not “working”.