Laptop incorrectly displays colors

I bought a new Asus UL80v laptop, so that I can work on the move. The display is 14" HD (LED BL). It has a bunch of WCS and ICC color profiles, but I’m not sure what is needed to fix this issue.

The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t display colors correctly on web pages or in Photoshop CS5. For instance, a psd file that was created on a regular monitor has the color #3A2D17, which was black and it’s displayed on the laptop as brown. This green color, #B7BCAB, is now grey. I have noticed some websites I visit are now different colors as well, black to blue, green to light greyish green etc.

How do I fix this?

You could get some color calibration software to help you out. There’s some free products and some commercial ones out there. :slight_smile:

You may want to try and update your graphic driver as this may help. Setting it to 32 bit color might also makes a difference.

#3A2D17 is a dark brown (not black)

#B7BCAB is very close to being grey with just a slight hint of green.

I can’t find any combination of settings on my computer that would display the first colour as black and the second as green although I haven’t tried lowering the number of colours from 16 million back to 65 thousand so perhaps that’s why your “regular monitor” was displaying the colours differently - because if it is set to only handle 65000 colours then it would need to shift those colours to the nearest match within the ones it supports and so a very dark brown could appear black and a grey/green could appear greener.