Reset monitor color

Hello - recently my monitor brightness/color changed. I don’t know if my family members messed with it or it’s going dead. It’s only a year old, so I would hope it would have some time left on it. My ABS monitor lasted a good 5 years before it went.

Basically - anyone know how I can reset my monitor settings if it’s possible? I have a Dell monitor if it makes a difference.


On the front of the monitor there is usually a menu button that you can use to change screen parameters including contrast, brightness, color etc. Have you tried changing this?

Another place to check is your display properties, sometime you have contrast/brightness controls directly through the video card.

Right click on your desktop > Properties > Settings > Advanced.
Look through the different tabs.

Of course, it hasn’t helped a lot. I tried brightness, Recall sRGB color temp, Recall 6500k Color temp, messed with “User Color” - then set it back to what it was (about), and some more like contrast.

didn’t see your post. I have tried that too =(. It still could be either setting… although I’ve been unable to change it back to how I remembered it.

Something else…Are you using some type of Adobe product? Something that may install Adobe Gamma?

Just Premiere. As you mention Gamma, is it possible that I could have changed the Gamma in a game (EverQuest), and it didn’t change it back?? The color change happened around the time I installed the game…

I doubt it. The gamma change in a game is different than the gamma used by windows. Something you might try though…

From your monitor, set bright/contrast both to max.
If there is RGB and brightness/contrast in you display settings, set them somewhere in the middle, or “default” if it has that setting.
Next, delete your Color profile in your display settings. This will force your monitor back to default color profile.
Then restart and see what happens.

It would help to know what kind of video card you have.


I had similar issue when the game with modified Gamma hanged and I had to reset the computer. Everything was awfully overlighted until I turned the game again and just moved the Gamma slider. Click! Everything’s normal again…

I put brightness & contrast to 100. There is a “User Color” that allows me to change Red and Blue. The red is at 90 and blue at 75. I went into my display settings & the profile list box was empty(so i dont have one, and always on default?) My graphics card is a 128MB nvidia geforce FX 5200

lol, i’ll try it anyways

omg, everquest did change it…for dumb… looks nice now

Well, if you don’t have an ICC profile there then it is possible that the game is doing something.

I don’t remember for sure, but I believe that Everquest uses DirectX. If this is the case, then it would be possible that your DirectX drivers somehow have hung up or something.

LOL, don’t you just love MS products…

There is a directx diag tool that is one your machine somewhere (think its called dxdiag.exe) that maybe able to help - strange that the game install affected everything.