My love got married should i forget her

whom i love so much she got married to somebody else should i forget her or not

If she married someone else I’d say yes. Spend your time looking for love somewhere else. :slight_smile:

what other option you have instead of forget her… ? let the life move on and it will give you many more chances to bring love in you life.

What do you think?

I tried to forget her but i failed
sometime i think life may give me second chance

If you really love her, then why not just be glad for her, that she’s found happiness in her life? Isn’t that what you would want for her?

Of course it will - but not with her.

Well, maybe you don’t need to forget her but you should dedicate your energies to something constructive and productive than wishing for the Moon.

By staying stuck as you are, you’re wasting energy and time that could be best used somewhere else and in addition you’re missing the opportunity of meeting someone really special, even more than she is (no matter how great she is) and better suited for you.

Be happy for her and for yourself too. Now you have the chance to find real happiness

i very much agree with molona but thanks to all for reply

my words can’t explain how deeply i hurt but yes i know i have to move on

I’m sorry to hear it. :frowning:
For what it’s worth, I think you need to have your heart broken once in your life to understand the value of love.
You’ll get there. Find something else to focus your attention on.

Easier said than done, but YES! She’s married! You can’t waste your time waiting for someone who’s not coming back. The fact that she chose someone else tells that she’s not into you… perhaps, not anymore.

Off course, not only forget her, but also you should get married.

if you love here you must forget it

Just forget it and search for another one to make you forget her.

yes i know i have to move on

Yes, that’s the beginning, though it’s hard after such a big confrontation. As with every mourning, I guess there will be a transition period with ups and downs in wave movements. But according to my experience, I can promise: if you’re open for new things, the downtime will last shorter and shorter, and the uptime will last longer and longer as time is going on. :slight_smile:
At this moment it seems far away or impossible: maybe after some years you can look back and say That was a heavy time, nevertheless I’m quite happy today.

Keep confidence in the future.
All the best!

Ya forget her, humans generally get obseessed with people( I have to) she actually liked me but she ended up dating a guy and marry him. I moved on fast, there is so many amazing girls out there to go for. Just forget about that love of life( I know its hard, i had it to) but it ends of amazing in the long run…edit

I know its extremely hard to get someone out of your mind, I was generally good at picking girls up, but one made me fall in love(only time) anway ways she is with someone else, I like the dude alot friends with him… I just try to get with other chicks, there is a **** ton out… Worst part is trying to get them back to your house! I feel ya bro, it won’t be easy to forget… but you must do it for yourself, she will pop in your mind once and a while also, but thats natural… GL ! Smart to talk in a forum like this, most people are pretty nice.

PS This forum is amazing, it helps so mcuh with learning programming and each person seems to be super nice… THat is rare on the internet, most people want to say ******** because they know you can’t **** with them… I am knew to this forum but all i wanna say is amazing job guys, super kind and human like i guess…

Don’t take tension. You will find new one.

It’s good to see this community cares for its members. But I guess all has been said that could be said, so I’m closing this thread.