I don’t believe that online acquanitaince will truly be effective in reality.

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Well, I heard some stories about online acquaintance and glad to know that some of them became successful. :wink:

Anyone here who can prove?

  1. The original marriage was already over at that point in all but name. People don’t just decide one day to leave a marriage.

  2. Would it be less sick if they met at a grocery store?

  3. If everyone is happier now, does that still make it sick?

I even don’t know what true love is, not to mention online acquanitaince. I don’t believe it neighter. I always think people should live together in real life then they know each other well and then decide if they’re suitable for each other. :slight_smile:

“Love actually” - a great movie, watch it if you don’t.

Watch The Pursuit of Happyness !

I used to know of a man and woman who ended up getting married as of a result of finding each other online. She drove from Boston and Atlanta and broke up his marriage. True story. :sick:

Not the best medium but it deserves to try…

The true love really exists, if you know to find the way to the woman’s soul and heart by words first…

not exactly true. i have friends who have met others online and they’re still going strong. it may not be the best medium for everyone, but i think it works for some.

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Well, I’m a lucky guy and I really find the true soulmate :slight_smile:

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I believe…

It depends on the person, a true and sincere person will be sincere and true online too. So online friendship or relations become more deep in real life. Many people meet online and meet offline, marry or become good friends.

How people find time to hate … While life is too short to Love!!!

Love is the most important human need.

But some people, especially those who are always communicating online, that when they personally meet, the feeling is really there.

While that may hold true for some, it really depends on the people involved.

If you’re talking about online dating, then that holds true more often than not. But it does work for some as there are many happy couples that met online.